FALCQ Advocaten

An innovative approach to the legal profession

We are a young, compact firm and proud to be able to offer our clients the wealth of experience that we have gained with a number of large law firms. This background has put us here at FALCQ in a position to combine the best of two worlds. We work with you to avoid problems and/or to achieve the best solution possible. You can expect us to give you clear professional advice, with theory supporting the practical solution presented to you rather than being an object in itself. We work on the basis of a professional and no-nonsense approach, with a touch of humour and within flat organisation. We are open to discuss the costs anticipated with you in advance and, depending on the situation, we may be able to agree on a fixed price. If that is not possible, we will look at the costs expected with you and regularly provide you with updates, making sure that you do not find yourself confronted with unexpected costs at a later date.